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    From 2003 to today, FMT Group has penetrated into the Albanian market and not only, as a specialist in energy management. Starting as a stabilizer voltage producer, FMT Group expanded its range of products by introducing to the market electrical products, such as: Motor- Generators, UPS, Voltage Stabilizer, Led Diode, Transformers, Solar Panel, Electrical and Electronic Materials, Filters and Spare Parts. In 2008 it opened a branch in Kosovo and after successful achievements, it decided to open its new branch in Montenegro, in 2010. After this, FMT Group has known a continuous expansion that resulted in the creation of two new branches, the onces of Macedonia and Romania. Besides the headquarters in Tirana, recently, FMT Group has opened its new branch in Vlora, progressing its expansion further more.

    After 2010 Fmt Group created its innovation department to research new possibilities to be able to produce green energy and energy saving solutions. With all those researches Fmt Group decided to concentrate on solar energy and led lighting products.

    Solar energy products and producing solar energy solutions is important for Fmt Group cause as we experienced most of the scenes solar energy is more cost-effective product than any other solution.

    We try to find solutions not only for remote areas. Our another company mission is to create green energy solutions more effective then be able to help environment too.

    Today green energy is one of the best product if you don’t like to spend too much money for your energy needs. As everybody knows that it help environment a lot and also to produce this energy is totally noise free too. You will not have any sound while you are producing the electricity.


    Why Solar Energy

    Solar power generation has emerged as one of the most rapidly growing renewable sources of electricity. Solar power generation has several advantages over other forms of electricity generation:

    • Reduced Dependence on Fossil Fuels
    • Environmental Advantages
    • Matching Peak Time Output with Peak Time Demand
    • Modularity and Scalability
    • Government Incentives


    Despite the cost, an advantage of photovoltaic systems is that they can be used in remote areas. Anywhere a diesel generator is the technology of choice, many times a photovoltaic system is a much better life-cycle cost option.

    Stand-alone photovoltaic systems produce power independently of the utility grid. In some off-the-grid locations even one half kilometer from power lines, stand-alone photovoltaic systems can be more cost-effective than extending power lines. They are especially appropriate for remote, environmentally sensitive areas, such as national parks, cabins, and remote homes.